ESL help me realize something important.

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today has been amazing, I’ve honestly never had as much fun my entire life as I did today, I honestly feel like I’ve done nothing fun or for myself ever, ever since 1st grade I was forced to go a certain Balkan country every time I had a vacation from school, I always hated going there and I’ve lost so many friendships and relationships because of this, I recently became 18 and I went to my first ever tournament with my friend and his brother, I honestly feel like I’ve wasted my entire life and today was the one day that I actually ever had fun and lived for myself. I got to join crowd scream for liquid and everything, I felt so alive and amazing. Until today I always felt like I was going to die sad or depressed but today I honestly feel happy and alive for the first time in my life. I love the CSGO community, thank you for being there.

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