Here are some interesting CSGO workshop stats. Valve already payed over $45 million to skin-makers.

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Hey CSGO Reddit community,

It’s time for some interesting csgo workshop stats! Have to admit, the analysis is at its prelim stage, and I haven’t done any theory testing/correlation runs yet. Furthermore, I favor qualitative studies over quantitative so not sure when I’d complete what I started… If you’d like to join the research and help to expand the data pool – you are more than welcome (I’ll link current excel spreadsheet at the end).


Straight forwarded pulled and coded 348 of officially accepted csgo weapon skins (purposefully ignored stickers) from the workshop. I picked only two variables for this study: 1) name of authors and 2) day of the week the skin was submitted. I believe the total number of accepted weapon skins should higher, but my browser was constantly crushing because of # of simultaneously opened tabs so I could miss some. Again, I already begun a more thorough data pull with multiple variables (finish style, weapon, skin name etc), now I do it by using both csgostash and the workshop.


As of Jun 9, 2019, 13:00 PDT, there were 180,839 entries on csgo workshop, out of which less than 1% were accepted.

Out of all officially accepted weapon skins, 39% were submitted either on Wednesday or Thursday. Skins that were submitted either on Monday or Tuesday have the lowest representation in the offical pool – 20%.

Valve’s TOP 5 favorite skin makers:

1st place – Coridium, got 18 skins in the game. Should I even mention his most popular skin or you will write it in the comments? Unfortunately, Coridium haven’t published anything since 2016, his rank will likely be moved by SLIMEface or The Honey Badger in near future.

2nd place – SLIMEface and nextgenz. Both got 14 accepts**.** Next case will likely leave only one of them on 2nd place because we haven’t seen nexgenz skins in new cases for while already. In any case, comment your fav skin from these authors, if you recognized them.

3rd place – The Honey Badger. With a total of 13 skins in the game, The Honey Badger is ready to grab the 2 second place in no time. His works are always of a high quality and well recognized by the community.

4th place – shared between PTPand FLaMmenWerFeR for 10 accepts repressively. Go check PTP’s recent Replica collection, it’s just epic. Would not be surprised if we see it in the next case. FLaMmenWerFeR stopped making skins in 2015, but managed to make 123 skins and gain 4,600 followers by then. Have no idea why he stopped making skins, if anyone knows please share in the comments. Glock Water Elemental is his work. I remember people getting upset that his AWP elemental did not get into the game, and I just noticed It was marked incompatible, anyone knows why?

5th place – currently held by G99-FactoryTeo~, and Zaphk because each has 9 skins in the game. All three of them make truly incredible skins with high attention to details. Again, comment your fav skin from these authors.

Finally, over 130 authors were lucky to be picked by Valve. Over $45m were payed to all of the officially selected workshoppers, and that’s just my very rough estimates based on publicly available data (I did not include strikers into my calcs).


If you'd like too see more numbers and stats per author, download the excel file I prepared.

EXCEL SPREADSHEET on dropbox. As you can see there, I begun collecting more variables. I'm thinking to run some correlation tests for fun, so if you have plenty of free time, feel free to keep adding missing info into the spreadsheet x)




Yes, I made some skins for csgo workshop. No, none of them were accepted, and I do not have any inside information. All presented numbers were collected strictly from public sources.

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