CSGO Shuffle 151021

CS:GO Shuffles: Fnatic bench jackinho and lose JW while gla1ve is back with Astralis

New shuffles were made just in time for the upcoming Stockholm Major.
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Starry Lynn

Lynn Vision’s Starry may retire early from CS:GO

This is a result of the recent crackdown on minors by the Chinese Government.
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MaiNLiNE header

CS: GO News: MaiNLiNE passes away

A veteran in the NA CS: GO scene, Michael “MAiNLiNE” Jaber has died at the age of 26.
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CSGO Generic headline

CS: GO News: K0nfig leaves compLexity Gaming

K0nfig did not confirm, but his move may be to Astralis.
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PGL Stockholm Major talent lineup

Richard Lewis, Thorin and Sadokist revealed as part of PGL Major 2021 talent list

New and old names are also listed as part of the talent line-up for the CS: GO Major tournament in Stockholm.
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Fnatic at Dreamhack

No Stockholm Major for Fnatic

They have been eliminated via points collection after finishing last at the IEM Fall Europe.
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Valorant Shuffle 01 10 21

VALORANT Shuffles: Elmapuddy rejoins Gen.G, XSet signs NOTHING2LOSE and mertz goes VALORANT

Elmapuddy was with Cloud9 for a short time, XSET steps into women VALORANT competition with the new signing and mertz pivots to VALORANT.
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steel & Nivera

100 Thieves to drop Steel from VALORANT roster, Nivera joins ScreaM in Team Liquid

Steel was dropped due to poor performance during Masters Berlin, while Nivera joins his brother at Team Liquid.
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CSGO Shuffle 23 09 21

CS:GO Shuffle : Xizt announces retirement and Xerison joins VP.Prodigy

The former is a legend in the CS:GO scene with NIP while the latter rose up from trials as a to join the Virtus.Pro academy team
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Op Riptide Header

Valve releases Riptide DLC for CS:GO

New paid DLC gives players the biggest change in years – from new matchmaking modes, mission systems, maps and even rewards.
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