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Virtus.pro to compete in ESL Pro League S15 under the name Outsiders

Virtus.pro players to compete in ESL Pro League S15 under the name Outsiders

Gambit is still in discussions on their participation in the tournament.

The fallout of the currently ongoing conflict that is happening in Ukraine is that many of the Russian-based teams are essentially sanctioned from joining major events in multiple game titles. Case in point, Virtus.pro and Gambit – two Russian teams – are not allowed to join any competition under their banner. However, ESL has made the gracious decision to allow the roster to join the upcoming Pro League S15, but not with their team names.

Virtus.pro has been confirmed to join the upcoming tournament – but they will be playing under the neutral name “Outsiders”. This name change will gel with the updated rules that were set by ESL.


At the same time, Gambit has yet to confirm if they will be joining the tournament as of press date. They are the second team from Russia


Some of the requirements for VP to play includes changing their team merchandise and uniform to not show any Russian representation on screen.

The conflict in Ukraine has forced many companies to pull out of the CIS region – which includes event organizers.


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