CS:GO Weekly -- Astralis roster change makes waves in ESL and Flashpoint

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The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community was taken aback on Saturday when HLTV and 1pv reported that Astralis would make their first roster change in more than two years.

The four-time major champions would be adding a sixth man to their roster, Patrick "es3tag" Hansen, as they move to a new model to improve the team after failing to retain their title as the best Counter-Strike in the world the past month. But as the astonishment of the team addition wore off, the details of the move bore even more fruit.

Astralis' signing of es3tag could lead to the collapse of a team transfer deal between his former team, Heroic, and FunPlus Phoenix, who made their Counter-Strike debut on March 15 sporting the former Heroic roster.


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