Cloud9 in chaos: What's going wrong with the CSGO team?

CS:GO luckbox

Following their embarrassing loss to The Quest in the Closed Qualifier for the Americas Minor, Cloud9 CSGO fans were asking if this is the worst team to ever don the famous jersey and represent the org.

Whether they are is hard to say with the evolution of the game making it hard to compare levels, but one thing is for sure, this is one of the worst-run CSGO teams in the world, especially when you compare their results to their ceiling.

In 2018, Boston hosted a CSGO Major where C9 met FaZe Clan in the Grand Finals, lest we forget. And that wasn’t today’s FaZe, led by the ghost of Neo and carrying a washed Olof, that was the real deal, with karrigan in place and Niko still willing to listen. Despite the brilliance of FaZe, C9 came through and won, with an all-American team built out of exciting young talent in places, that had the potential to get even better.


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