Liquid's Stewie2k: North American CSGO's GOAT?

CS:GO luckbox

There are a lot of ways a player can be underrated, from their technical ability to their tactical mind or even their impact in-game, but sometimes one comes along that seems to defy all attempts to classify them.

That might be the case for Jake ‘Stewie2k’ Yip, entry-fragger and catalyst for Team Liquid, and one of the most important CSGO players in North American esports history, and the second half of 2019 could be even bigger for the man who is already king of his own domain.

It might sound ludicrous when you consider the talent on Team Liquid aside from Stewie, or the insane adaptability and skill his former colleague autimatic has shown since being burdened with the role of carrying Cloud9, but the man they call Yip is the best player in NA CSGO by some distance. 


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