"He is a talent we believe in and are thrilled he has re-committed to Ghost Gaming"


Ghost Gaming provided GosuGamers with a statement announcing that former player, WARDELL will be returning to the organization for his third consecutive year after signing a multi-year agreement.

Matthew "WARDELL" Yu has previously been a part of Ghost Gaming in 2017 where he was an integral part of their roster, most notably for his role as their Primary AWPer. In 2018 WARDELL has also shown his competence garnering 2,624 kills in which 1,671 of them came by way of a Sniper Rifle.

Ghost Gaming CEO, Matt Dillion stated the following surrounding the re-signing of WARDELL

I believe WARDELL has become one of the world’s premier CS:GO athletes. He is a talent we believe in and are thrilled he has re-committed to Ghost Gaming. We are looking forward to several years full of amazing AWP kills and clutch victories.

The Canadian CS:GO player is heavily known for his clutches, 58 thus far in 2018 and has played an essential part within the organizations success. This is more prominently highlighted with recent wins against both, EU's Na'vi and NIP in-addition to America's NRG and MIBR - Ghost Gaming look to be coming to life as they climb up to fourth in the North American CS:GO rankings.

With the re-addition of WARDELL, Ghost Gaming's roster is as follows:

Canada Matthew "WARDELL" Yu
Canada Yassine "Subroza" Taoufik
Canada Joshua "steel" Nissan
United States Kenneth "koosta" Suen
United States Jason "neptune" Tran

WARDELL, alongside the rest of Ghost Gaming's roster, look to continue their promising form as they look to compete within the ESL Pro League Season Eight Final which boasts a prestigious 1 million dollar prize pool. The roster enters the Season Eight Final after maintaining a solid 15-3 record within the league. The ESL Pro League Season Eight Final will take place in none other than Denmark but will Ghost leave their mark as the year comes to its climax?


Do you think Ghost Gaming will continue to improve with the re-signing of WARDELL?

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Thank you for voting!
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