Full list of invited teams for StarSeries i-League S4

CS:GO Paulo “paulorbarros” Barros
StarSeries i-League announced yesterday that their fourth season will be played in Kiev, Ukraine. Sixteen teams will compete for the $300,000 grand prize between February 17-25. Invited teams include familiar names in America, CIS and Europe regions as many are currently playing the major or have been recently eliminated from it. The other six teams will be decided from closed qualifiers which will take place in America, Asia and Europe giving two spots to each of those regions.
The teams from Asia were the first to qualify for StarSeries i-League S4 as TyLoo defeat MVP PK by 2-0 in the final that was played between December 28-31, 2017 and they both secured their spots.
One of the most exciting news about this tournament is that the first stage will be played in the swiss format, with all matches being BO3. The second stage will be a playoff between the top 8 teams from the previous stage.
Here is the full list of invited teams:
For more information about this tournament you can go to the StarSeries i-League CS:GO website, or follow them in their socials medias: Twitter and Facebook. The games from StarSeries i-League will also be uploaded to their YouTube channel.
Image courtesy of StarLadder CS:GO Twitter

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