New Challengers stage is over! List of qualified teams and results

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The New Challengers stage has ended and we already know the teams that qualified. Here is a list of all teams and their results along the tournament so far.

Qualified teams:

Cloud9 - 3:0 - They have started their run against EnVyUs with a 16-11 win, moving on they beat Sprout by a 16-5 score line to finally defeat mousesports with a 16-5 to move on to the next stage with a perfect score.

G2 - 3:0 - The first match was against Flash and they had to mount a come back to win with a 16-11 score, next they faced Misfits which they defeat with a 16-5 and their last match was against Vega Squadron, which required an overtime but they still won by a 19-16 to also end their run without losing a single match.

Vega Squadron - 3:1 - Started their run by beating Renegades by 16-14 after almost allowing a come back, on the second round they took FaZe down by an amazing 16-6 score line. They tried to reach a perfect 3-0 score against G2 but ended up losing in overtime by 16-19 and they guaranteed their spot on the next stage by beating Liquid with a close 16-14 win.

FaZe - 3:1 - First match was against Liquid which went all the way to 30 rounds to have FaZe win with 16-14 score line, on the second match they had a surprise loss to Vega Squadron falling short with a 6-16 score line. FaZe was able to bounce back on the next round and defeated Quantum Bellator Fire by 16-6 and finished their run by getting a very confortable 16-4 against NaVi.

Space Soldiers - 3:1 - With a slow start to the major they ended up being beaten by Sprout by 11-16. After losing the first match nothing could stop Space Soldiers and they defeated AVANGAR by 16-9, Misfits by 16-13 and mousesports on overtime by 19-17.

mousesports - 3:2 - Having a great run at the beggining mousesports was able to defeated AVANGAR by a 16-12 scoreline and destroyed NaVi with a crushing 16-2, but their life wasn't easy and they lost the following two games for Cloud9 and Space Soldiers respectively by 5-16 and 17-19. On the decider match they defeated Renegades with a quick 16-5.

Natus Vincere - 3:2 - The run has been fulls of ups and down, they started by winning 16-8 against Quantum Bellator Fire and were crushed on the following round by mousesports by 2-16. The third round they destroyed Sprout with a 16-3 score but once again they didn't play well and lost 4-16 to FaZe. On the last match they beat Liquid with a very conving 16-5 to qualify.

Quantum Bellator Fire - 3:2 - On their first match they lost to NaVi by a 8-16 score but they recovered on the following match by taking down Flash with a 16-13 score line. The same situation happened again on the third and fourth round, they lost to FaZe by 6-16 but they recovered by beating EnVyUs by 16-12 score line. They played their last match against AVANGAR and came out victorius with a 16-6 score to revenge their loss on the minor and to qualify to the next stage.

Liquid - 2:3 (1:0) - Their first match was against FaZe and they lost by a close 14-16 score. Liquid recovered well from the loss on the first round and picked two wins in a row in matches with FlipSid3 and Renegades respectively by 16-10 and 16-14. At this point Liquid only needed one win to qualify to the next stage but they lost to Vega Squadron by 14-16 on a very close game and couldn't find enough strenght to stop NaVi on the decider match which they lost by a devastating 5-16.

Extra Qualification Match - Liquid has beaten AVANGAR after one overtime by a 19-15 scoreline in a very tense match that gave them the last spot on the next stage.

Eliminated teams:

AVANGAR - 2:3 (1:1) - Starting their tournament with two losses for mousesports and Space Soldiers by the score of 12-16 and 9-16 it looked like they were going to be eliminated without any wins. AVANGAR started to recover by winning their matches against FlipSid3 and Misfits by 16-7 and 16-13 to make an incredible comeback. The qualification match was against Quantum Bellator Fire which they beat on the minor but couldn't replicated the same success here and ended up losing by 6-16.

Extra Qualification Match - A match was played against Renegades for a last chance to qualify which they won by 16-10 to face Liquid on the last match of this stage. The match tied and in overtime AVANGAR lost by 15-19 ending up what could have been one of the most amazing comebacks in a major.

Renegades - 2:3 (0:1) - On the first round they almost mounted a come back against Vega Squadron but ended up losing by 14-16. Renegades was able to bounce back and won the following match against EnVyUs with a 16-6 victory. On the third round they attempted to come back from another really bad start and ended up losing to Liquid by a close 14-16 once again. With the need to win to stay alive in the tournament they beat Sprout by 16-10 but ended up being destroyed by mousesports on the decider match by 4-16.

Extra Qualification Match - They played against AVANGAR in order to decide who would face Liquid for the last spot of the tournament but they lost by a 10-16 score to end their dream to move to the next stage.

Misfits - 1:3 - First match was promissing as they crushed FlipSid3 by a 16-4 score, looked like Misfits was going to have a good tournament, but they lost the following three matches to G2, Space Soldiers and AVANGAR by the scores of 5-16, 13-16 and 13-16 to be sent home.

Sprout - 1:3 - With a good start to their run by beating Space Soldiers by 16-10 they couldn't keep up and ended up losing the following three matches to Cloud9, NaVi and Renegades with the following scores: 5-16, 3-16 and 10-16 to finish their run.

EnVyUs - 1:3 - The first match was against Cloud9 and they lost by a 11-16 score line and the next match wasn't any better as they lost to Renegades by 6-16. They finally got their first win with a 16-13 score line on the elimination match against Flash to keep themselves alive, but they were forced to replace RpK by their coach maLeK because of health issues and ended up losing to Quantum Bellator Fire by 16-12 to be eliminated.

Flash - 0:3 - Despite some promissing starts and entertaining games Flash lost all their matches, falling short to G2, Quantum Bellator Fire and EnVyUs by the score of 11-16, 13-16 and 13-16.

FlipSid3 - 0:3 - It wasn't a good tournament for FlipSid3, they got eliminated after being defeated by Misfits, Liquid and AVANGAR respectively by 4-16, 10-16 and 7-16.

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