Mousesports beats Heroic and is the winner of LOOT.BET Cup 2

Posted by Paulo "paulorbarros" Barros at 03 January 2018 11:45

LOOT.BET Cup 2 has ended, the grand final was played on the December 28th of 2017 and the winner of the tournament is mousesports, they have beaten Heroic by 2x0 to claim the title and the spot at the next cs_summit 2. The first map has been controlled completelly by mousesports, Heroic attemped a come back on the second map but their inability to string rounds together and mousesports clutches prevented the grand final from going to a third map. Mousesports has played with s1mple as a stand-in since Oskar couldn't attend.

mousesports x Heroic – LOOT.BET Cup 2

mousesports - ropz, s1mple (stand-in), suNny, STYKO, chrisJ
Heroic – es3tag, niko, JUGi, MODDII, Snappi 


Cobblestone - Map 1 - mousesports pick (11-4) (16-4)

Mousesports won the pistol on their Terrorist (T) side taking quick control of the A site and opened 3-0 despite some close rounds. The first gun round and the following one were also won by mousesports, securing a 5-0 lead. After being able to buy again, Heroic won the first round of the grand final but they lost the following one, which allowed mousesports to open a 9-1 scoreline. On the 11th round of the game, Heroic won another round but once again couldn´t manage win another round in a row, which broke their economy and allowed mousesports to get to 11-2. This was the history of the first half; everytime Heroic won a round mousesports took the next one and kept Heroic economy under check the entire half. On round 14th, es3tag was left alone in a 1-v-3 situation which he managed to win and gave his team some hope as they also won the following round with MODDII clutching a 1-v-1 to finish the half with a 11-4 in favor of mousesports.      

MouseSports won the pistol on Counter-Terrorist (CT) and managed to extend their lead to 14-4. Heroic had a last gun round to recover but mousesports stopped them and got the last two rounds to close the first map with a convincing 16-4 scoreline.


Inferno – Map 2 – Heroic pick (10-5) (16-9)

Once again mousesports won the pistol round on their T side but Heroic took the next round to tie the game and they managed to win a consecutive round to open 1-2. What was looking like an easy round for Heroic, after they were in a 3-v-1 situation, became a win for mousesports after ropz did an amazing play to tie game and by winning the next round mousesports took the lead with 3-2 scoreline. With great rounds from ropz and s1mple mousesports secured a 6-2 lead. On the 9th round of the half STYKO won a 1-v-5; this was the play of the tournament for sure, with two insane one taps with the AK, this is a must see round which gave a 7-2 score in favor of mousesports. Heroic was able to pick another round but once again they couldn't win consecutives rounds and mousesports ended up with a 9-3 in their favor. The final three round were split between the team in the following order Heroic, mousesports and Heroic finishing the half with 10-5 in favor of mousesports.
The last pistol round of the game was also won by mousesports on the CT side and they took the following one to get a 12-5 lead. At this point Heroic needed to mount a comeback and they won another round, but ropz did another of his crazy plays to win a 1-v-3 by taking two players down and defusing the bomb while niko was too far away to help, making it 13-6. Heroic was finally able win some rounds in a row to bring the score to a closer 13-9. On the 23rd round mousesports won the round by defusing the bomb despite losing all players; which resulted on having a weaker but the next round. But mousesports held Heroic attempts to recover and won the last two rounds to win the map and become the champions with a 16-9 scoreline.



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