ELEAGUE Clash for Cash - Astralis crush

Posted by Aleksei "Aleksei.L" Louchnikov at 17 June 2017 13:46

Astralis have reminded the scene of their capabilities after an incredibly dominant series against in the ELEAGUE Clash for Cash.

Early this morning we saw the conclusion of the ELEAGUE Clash for Cash showmatch between the most recent Major finalists, Denmark Astralis and Poland A total of $250,000 was available in prize money, with the winner taking it all. For some perspective, this prize pool was $100,000 more than the amount had to settle with in January, meanwhile Astralis left Atlanta with double the amount at $500,000, as well as the Champions' title.

The best-of-three series kicked off with a strong de_Nuke performance from the Poles. A dominant initial T side made for a 9:6 finish, propelling the team ahead of the opposition. On the defence managed to keep the plow running, securing the seven rounds needed to score the first map. Astralis managed but a single round on the offense, falling 7:16 to V.P.
The prior mentioned result did not faze the Danes, as they set off on map #2, de_Overpass. In dominant fashion the team was able to run away with quite the amount of rounds on the T side, closing the initial half at a commanding 11:4. Astralis opted to keep it short, closing the latter half with four consecutive round victories at 16:4.
The final map, de_Mirage, saw the Poles drop the ball once again. In the initial half we saw a massive struggle on the T side for, accruing a rather disappointing 3:12 deficit. This proved to be the team's event horizon for the series, as they further struggled on the defence, falling to an astonishing 3:16 score line.

Images courtesy of ELEAGUE and Astralis


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