WCA 2017 - APAC Qualifiers Announcement

Posted by Aleksei "Aleksei.L" Louchnikov at 17 June 2017 12:47

UCanCompany have announced details regarding the APAC qualifiers for WCA 2017.

The Asia-Pacific region will be represented in the qualifiers for WCA 2017, with UCanCompany hosting the open and closed qualifiers for the LAN finals of the event. The open qualifier for the tournament will take place on July 15th-16th, with any interested party able to apply via this link. A total of 128 slots are available for the open qualifier, however but two teams will seize the opportunity to pit their wits against some of the most iconic teams from the region.

The following teams will be participating in the closed portion of the qualifier:

Mongolia The Mongolz Indonesia Recca
Thailand Signature Gaming China B.O.O.T-dreamScape
Australia The Chiefs Thailand 7642
Australia Team Immunity Open qualifier slot #1
Open qualifier slot #2  

Following the conclusion of the open qualifier, the APAC qualifier will enter the main stage, where nine contestants will battle it out in a round robin format on July 24th-31st, determining four top teams to advance to the final stage, taking place on August 1st-3rd. Of the four, two top teams will advance to the LAN finals of WCA 2017, held in Yinchuan, China. In addition to fighting for a spot at the LAN finals of WCA 2017, the teams will also be splitting a formidable $35,000 prize pool amongst the top four teams.

Distribution of the $35,000 prize pool:
1st Place - $ 21,000 + slot for WCA 2017
2nd Place - $ 10,000 + slot for WCA 2017
3rd Place - $ 4,000

Images courtesy of UCC


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