Virtus Pro Relegated From ESL Pro League

Posted by Michael "Zechs_" Radford at 18 May 2017 14:40

Virtus Pro are out of next season's ESL Pro League thanks to PENTA.  Hellraisers maintained their own spot after taking down BIG.

For the second time in their history, Virtus Pro have been relegated to the Premier League by PENTA.  The Polish legends went down 2-0 in disappointing fashion, losing 16-7 on both Inferno and Train.  The result is just the latest in a long line of poor showings from the Poles online, who finished the regular season 13th out of 14 teams.  Neo and co picked up just nine wins from a possible 26 over the course of the season.  Only fellow Polish team Kinguin fared worse and they were relegated automatically.

Hellraisers struggled through the Pro League season as well but redeemed themselves in the relegation tournament.  They took down BIG 2-1, ending the night with a resounding 16-2 thrashing on Train.

Hellraisers ran the  gamut after starting with 16-10 loss on Cobblestone.  Legija, the sole Serb on the team,  put in an excellent solo performance.  Finishing on 24-17, he dragged his team kicking and screaming through the first map  But on Overpass he was unable to really get going and neither was the rest of his team.  It was hardly a surprise pick Eastern European team, who maintain an 81% win rate on the map.  The whole squad looked comfortable on the map with no single player carrying in a 16-9 win.

If Overpass looked comfortable, Train seemed like a bot training session.  The 16-2 score in no way flattered Hellraisers who dominated from start to finish.  They took 13 rounds on their CT half and after winning the T pistol, the game was all but over.  BIG looked lost on the map and they will have to come back and try again next season.

Speaking of looking lost, Virtus Pro took quite the beating in their relegation match.  The Poles have been struggling for some time now and it came to a head against PENTA last night.  Virtus Pro picked up just 5 CT rounds on Inferno and a measly two on their own T half, losing map one 16-7 without a single player in green K/D stats.

Surely they would put up a fight on their map - Train.  In fact, it was an almost identical repeat of the first map.  The Poles picked up five rounds in the first half, although this time it was on the less-favourite T side of the map so things didn’t look too bad.  But on the CT side they continued to struggle and lost 16-7 for the second time in a row, ending their stint in the ESL Pro League.

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