StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3 - Na'Vi edges out fnatic, 2-1

CS:GO Peggy “Moirai” Forde

Na'Vi beat fnatic on Overpass and Mirage to win the match.

de_Overpass - 16:6 (10:5; 6:1)

Fnatic started the map strongly, thanks to flusha's quad kill in the first pistol round. Though s1mple fought back with a nice triple kill, it was The GuardiaN's Show for the first half, with his legendary AWP play giving him a 3-v-1 clutch to open Na'Vi's lead to 6-4. Despite winning four rounds at the start of Overpass, fnatic only won one round after GuardiaN's momentum-stealing clutch, which resulted in the Swedish team trailing by five at the end of the first half.

Na'Vi continued to dominate in the second half, with s1mple and GuardiaN able to control most of fnatic's pushes to keep them out of the map. KRIMZ and olofmeister denied a second half sweep thanks to KRIMZ's triple kill with a pistol to stop a hard push from Na'Vi in the 20th round, but that was the only win they took in the second half. S1mple had the map-winning kill on KRIMZ to end Overpass with fnatic falling to Na'Vi, 16:6.

de_Inferno - 7:16 (5:10; 2;6)

Fnatic began to bounce back from Overpass within the first half of Interno. Fnatic had a 0:3 lead at the start of the map, but that changed when GuardiaN picked up a AWP from a fallen olofmeister in the fifth round. GuardiaN used his "gift" to get a triple kill to win the next round, which helped get Na'Vi back into the map and tie it up at 3:3. That momentum was short-lived, though, and Na'Vi dropped the next seven rounds. S1mple's double kill and flamie's back up helped Na'Vi end the first half on a win, but still trailing fnatic by five.

The second half started with KRIMZ getting a triple kill and dennis cleaning up with a double kill in the 17th round to widen their lead, 5:12. GuardiaN had a chance to gain momentum in the 21st round, having pushed through two fnatic players only to lose the round due to not having enough time to plant the bomb. He wouldn't get that chance again due to dying by a fantic gernade within the first seven seconds of the final round, which paved the way for fnatic to win Inferno, 7:16.

de_mirage - 16:8 (9:6; 7:2)

Fnatic and Na'Vi looked evenly matched at the start of Mirage, going back and forth to remain tied into the ninth round. Despite a very nice headshot by JW as GuardiaN was planting the bomb, Na'Vi manage to start pulling away from fnatic, 7:4. Fnatic wasn't done, though, thanks to olofmeister's clutch 1-v-2 in the 13th round and flusha's triple kill in the 15th. The two successful rounds allowed fnatic hope at the end of the first half.

Those hopes were dashed once the second half began. Na'Vi started the second round with a clutch defuse by Edward, defusing the bomb just before he's gunned down by flusha. The 21st round was particuarly close, with a last-second bomb plant that resulted in a last-second bomb diffuse by seized. A well-placed Na'Vi Molotov on Bombsite B resulted in fnatic losing the penultimate round, and then fnatic had a quick end in the 24th round, with Edward getting the final kill to seal the map and match for Na'Vi, 16:8.

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