StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3 - HellRaisers upsets North, advances to semis

CS:GO Peggy “Moirai” Forde

In a surprising upset, HellRaisers manage to get the edge over North and eliminate them from StarLadder.

de_cbble - 16:9 (10:5; 6:4)

North dominated the first half of Cbble, taking a 10:5 lead in the first half. Hellraisers kept up with North at the start of the map, but all of that changed after a triple kill from canjunb to secure the sixth round to tie Hellraisers. North didn't look back after that, with only some minor setbacks that were easily overcome to help them lead at the end of the 15th round, 10:5.

Hellraisers had a very strong opening to the second half, with SYTKO getting a quad kill in the pistol round. North struck back with a quad kill by k0nfig in the 19th round, which was immediately answered by ANGE1 blocking North from Bombsite B in the 20th round to bring Cobblestone to 11:9. North didn't let HellRaisers get any more leadway, however, taking the next five rounds and securing a win on the map.

de_cache - 14:16 (7:8; 7:8)

The closest map of the map goes to Cache, with Hellraisers barely able to overcome North on Cache. HellRaisers came out of the gates on fire, winning the pistol round with ANGE1 going off with a quad kill to give HellRaisers the intial edge. They were up 6-2 when cajunb started to turn the map around with a 2 v 1 clutch that denied the retake of Bombsite B and then getting an ace a few rounds later to tie up the match. By the end of the half, HellRaisers was only up by one.

HellRaisers were up by two in the 25th round when North once again started to strike back, thanks to cajunb's fantastic M4 play that earned him the second 3k to give North the opening to bring the series back to a one-point game. North had a chance to bring the map into overtime rounds, but was denied by when HellRaisers sprayed down all but one of North's players  within five seconds of each other, resulting in a futile attempt by MSL to try to retake the map. HellRaisers barely came out on top, 14:16.

de_overpass - 11:16 (6:9; 5:7)

In a suprising upset, HellRaisers took the final map and the win against North in the the final map of the match. HellRaisers started out strong, taking the first three rounds before MSL fired back with a double kill to secure North's first point. North was able to start to come back with the help of cajunb's triple kill to keep HellRaisers from an edge economy-wise. Magisk followed up that round with a nice triple kill of his own, which allowed North to retake the bombsite and tie up the map, 4:4. Magisk came back the round after that with a quadkill to bring North to its first lead of the map. HellRaisers were able to respond, though, specficially with a quad kill from STYKO that helped HellRaisers finish the first half with a one-point lead.

HellRaisers' DeadFox was the hero of the second half, grabbing an Ace as well as a triple kill to help HellRaisers get the edge on North. North's final win came from the help of cajunb and a nice double kill to secure the round, but that wasn't enough to save the map, with Hellraisers taking the next three rounds to secure their upset. Zero closed out the map with a nice triple kill to win the map for his team, 11:16.

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  • Sorin "mir84" Miroiu ,
    Please change the title: HellRaisers upset North, not G2. G2 got eliminated by Faze.


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