StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3 - FaZe Clan to semis over G2 Esports

CS:GO Aleksei “Aleksei.L” Louchnikov

FaZe Clan overcome the French giants in a 2-1 map sweep in the first quarter-final of the playoffs.

de_Inferno - 16:7 (9:6, 7:1)

The first map of the series saw a comprehensive victory from the European mix. Kicking off on the T side the team was able to secure the pistol round, all thanks to Aleksi "allu" Jalli's ace. In the follow-up round the team managed to plant a bomb, however weren't able to produce an explosion, as G2 secure a defuse. Rounds three and four further go in favour of FaZe, extending their lead at 3:1. The following two rounds see an exchange of one each, followed by a three round streak from G2 Esports, taking the lead at 5:4. The streak was prevented from developing further on round ten, as FaZe rebound back into the game, securing a whopping five consecutive rounds, to extend their lead at 9:5. The last round of the first half went in favour of G2, culminating the initial half at 9:6.

In the latter half we saw the continuation of dominance from FaZe Clan, as the second consecutive pistol falls in their favour. On this occasion the Frenchmen were unable to impose any threat in round two, allowing further rounds to be accrued by the European crew. The score line was looking scary for the Frenchmen, despite this an attempt was made to stop FaZe from pushing further on round twenty-one, where they managed to secure the first round of the second half at 7:14. Attempts were futile, as the unrelenting Europeans secure a further two rounds to close out the initial map at a convincing 16:7.

de_Nuke - 11:16 (6:9, 5:7)

Nuke saw a strong performance from the Frenchmen, giving the team a second chance at taking away the series. FaZe Clan secure the third consecutive pistol round of the series, following up with another round. Once again the Frenchmen jump the trigger before the gun round successfully, disallowing the European mix to develop momentum. Four rounds were accrued by G2, leaving the score are 4:2. The remainder of the half saw round exchanges favouring G2 Esports, meaning a 9:6 half time finish. 

Having switched over to the T side, FaZe once again secure the pistol round. Despite the initial success, a force-buy from G2 meant for a loss on the second round. Resurgence from the European mix in the third, as the team was able to dispatch the Ts and successfully defuse the bomb. Following this exchange, G2 showed determination and started piling in the rounds. Three consecutive rounds, followed by a three round break, where FaZe reigned, meant for a score skewed towards the Frenchmen at 13:11. Eleven rounds was all she wrote for FaZe, as G2 Esports close out Nuke after securing three consecutive rounds.

de_Train - 16:10 (10:5, 6:5)

The last map saw a very strong T side start from FaZe, securing the team crucial rounds off the get-go. Once again the pistol went in favour of the European mix, along with a further four rounds, allow the team an immediate 5:0 lead. The theme continued throughout the remainder of the half, with G2 able to secure half the rounds their opponents were able to at 10:5. 

The final half of the series saw FaZe keep their pistol round dominance up, securing the last possible one of the series through a bomb defuse. The following two rounds were exchanged equally by the teams, producing a 12:6 lead for FaZe. G2 Esports further attempt to pull themselves back into the match, grabbing two rounds, closing the round gap to 8:12. In the end FaZe's defence proved to be far too strong for the Frenchmen, as FaZe clock in the final four rounds to close out the series on a 16:10 note.

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Will FaZe Clan go on to secure the tournament Champions' title?

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