HellRaisers qualify for DreamHack Austin 2017

CS:GO Aleksei “Aleksei.L” Louchnikov

HellRaisers have surpassed all teams in the European closed qualifier for DreamHack Austin 2017, securing their placement at the LAN finals in Kiev.

Last night we saw the closed qualifier matches, where eight teams from Europe were fighting it out in the quarter finals. Only one slot was available for the sole victor, who happened to be the mix of HellRaisers. The team joins the list of participants at DreamHack Austin 2017, with only the North American closed qualifier champs left to finalise the list. 

Below is a table with all currently known participants:

United States Cloud9 Brazil Immortals
France G2 Esports United States Team Liquid
Kazakhstan Gambit Esports Europe HellRaisers
Denmark Heroic North American closed qualifier

HellRaisers kicked off against Fatih "gob b" Dayik's Germany BIG in the quarter-finals, where the team was able to overcome the predominantly German roster with a 2-0 score. The initial map was de_Train, where BIG got off to a strong start on the T side, landing a 9:6 initial half. HellRaisers followed up with a flawless T side of their own, scoring ten consecutive rounds, consequently shutting out the opponents at 16:9. Next up was de_Overpass, a map that came down right to the last round. Another weak start from HR's CT side, as the team fall 4:11 on their T side. Ammendments were made on the CT side, however where the team was able to score twelve rounds to BIG's three, landing a nail-biting 16-14 finish for the European mix.

In the semi-finals HellRaisers met Europe mousesports, where we saw a best-of-three series that saw all maps played out. Mousesports kicked off on a positive note, securing the initial map, de_Cobblestone. Despite a single round deficit by half time at 7-8, the mix was able to recuperate in the latter half, landing nine rounds to a mere one from HR, closing out the map with a 16-9 score. At this point HellRaisers woke up, producing a strong performance on de_Cache. The initial half saw absolute domination from the CT side, landing fourteen rounds to one. After that it was a matter of two rounds, which both teams managed to secure, however that was all the HellRaisers needed to grab the second map at 16-3. Finally, the team met on de_Mirage, a map that saw a much closer score than the previous two. Mousesports grab a slight lead on the T side upon the conclusion of the initial half at 8-7. HellRaisers follow up with a T side performance of their own, one that proved to be crucial in securing them a place in the grand final of the qualifier. The mix managed to produce a 9-4 half, closing out the series at a 2-1 in their favour.

The grand final saw HellRaisers face Russia Vega Squadron. The Russian team managed to bypass the likes of GODSENT and Team Kinguin, securing their placement in the grand final. Unfortunately for the team, HellRaisers kept it short, cutting the cards at two maps. First off the series saw de_Mirage, where both teams went fairly close in the initial half. Vega Squadron managed to pull ahead with a single round lead as the CT side at 8-7. HellRaisers realigned and started accruing rounds at the expense of the Russians. The sharks managed to grab a mere two rounds on the T side of the map, granting HellRaisers a whopping eleven. The European mix proceeds onto the second map with a 16-10 victory. The final map of the qualifier saw de_Inferno, where a reoccurring story was seen. HellRaisers conceded the initial half on the map on the CT side, grabbing but four rounds of their own. After switching over, however, the team played out of their minds, securing the final twelve rounds to secure their placement at the LAN finals in Kiev.

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Will HellRaisers be able to produce a top placement at the LAN finals?

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