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A suprise update this evening has brought a brand new map, the drop of the Spectrum case and various bug fixes.

Another map has hit for CS:GO today following the roll-out of the latest update,, which has brought a slew of additions to the game, most notably the official release of Canal to the map roster. The map, set in a small Venice-inspired Italian city, features the standard competitive two site layout split by a shallow canal through the center, and is currently available in both Casual and Competitve modes.

In terms of skins, Valve has added another themed case to drop to players and rolled, the Spectrum case, which features a respectable collection of seventeen skins ranging from the game's main rifles to new skins for the less frequently used sidearms and SMGs. Finally, a plethora of bugfixes and changes have been implemented to a number of the current active duty maps, the details of which can be found in detail below in the full changelog:


  • Released Canals, available in all game modes.
  • Visually upgraded the Phoenix Terrorist player model.
  • Added the Spectrum Case, featuring 17 community designs. In the Spectrum Case, the rare special item will be the second generation of knives in Chroma finishes.


  • Improved performance when using HRTF.
  • Fixed some cases where grenade sounds wouldn’t play when they should.


  • Fixed teammate color problem when teammates select an invalid color.
  • cl_drawhud_force_radar can have three values: -1 to force draw no radar, 0 default, 1 to force draw radar even if other HUD is disabled.
  • cl_drawhud_force_deathnotices can have three values: -1 to force draw no deathnotices, 0 default, 1 to force draw deathnotices even if other HUD is disabled.
  • Added option to Game Settings to set Team ID to Always On ( cl_teamid_overhead_always ). Server can disable with sv_teamid_overhead_always_prohibit.
  • Added binding to Show Team Equipment ( +cl_show_team_equipment ) that will show teammates’ full Target ID, including equipment. Server can disable with sv_show_team_equipment_prohibit.
  • func_rotating objects no longer freeze and spam server console after rotating 1000 times



  • Thinned out corner when coming into hut from lobby, making it easier to peek into A site
  • Bullets now do more damage when shot through walls in hut
  • Raised rollup door in Mini, making it easier to see towards rafters
  • Removed three boxes on top of blue container near garage
  • Reduced C4 explosion radius from 500 to 400 units (Thanks NaVi!)
  • Made water outside the map deeper (Thanks hollandje!)


  • Raised arch on CT side of long A


  • Fixed some boost exploits
  • Railing on top of boost position near T bridge no longer blocks bullets


  • Various bug fixes

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