DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017 - European qualifiers concluded

Posted by Ali "Maxxie" Or at 11 January 2017 11:15

The European qualifiers for DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017 has been concluded, with four teams securing spots in the main event.

Eighteen teams attended the European qualifiers in search of one of the four DreamHack Las Vegas spots. The qualifiers were quite stacked with some top teams attending such as fnatic, GODSENT, G2 and FaZe. In the end, mousesports, fnatic, FaZe and Gambit prevailed as the four qualified teams.

Beside these teams, four ELEAGUE Major teams lost their chances to compete at DreamHack Las Vegas which will take place on 15-19 February with a $450.000 prize pool to be contested. FlipSid3, HellRaisers and G2 were beaten by FaZe, mousesports and fnatic respectively in the second round while GODSENT failed to advance to that round as a result of their loss against PRIDE in the first round.

Here are the final standings of DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017 European qualifiers:

1-4. Europe FaZe Qualified by defeating EPG and FlipSid3
1-4. Kazakhstan Gambit Qualified by defeating Norse and PRIDE
1-4. Europe mousesports Qualified by defeating BIG and HellRaisers
1-4. Sweden fnatic Qualified by defeating Japaleno and G2
5-8. CIS FlipSid3 Defeated Heroic, eliminated by FaZe
5-8. Poland PRIDE Defeated GODSENT, eliminated by Gambit
5-8. Europe HellRaisers Defeated Tricked, eliminated by mousesports
5-8. France G2 Esports Defeated Dark Passage, eliminated by fnatic
9-16. Russia Elements Pro Gaming Eliminated by FaZe
9-16. Denmark Heroic Eliminated by FlipSid3
9-16. Norway Norse Eliminated by Gambit
9-16. Sweden GODSENT Eliminated by PRIDE
9-16. Germany BIG Eliminated by mousesports
9-16. Denmark Tricked Eliminated by HellRaisers
9-16. Sweden Japaleno Eliminated by fnatic
9-16. Turkey Dark Passage Eliminated by G2*

*Dark Passage had to catch their flight to China, therefore they forfeited from the match after two maps when it was 1-1.

With the European qualifier over, only three teams are yet to be decided for DreamHack Las Vegas. These teams will be determined in the North American qualifier. As of today, 13 attending teams are:

Brazil SK Gaming  Poland Canada OpTic Gaming  CIS Na'Vi United States Cloud9
Denmark Astralis Sweden NiP Europe mousesports China TyLoo Europe FaZe
Denmark North Sweden fnatic Kazakhstan Gambit    


Image courtesy of DreamHack.


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