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Epsilon announce academy team

Epsilon have announced an academy team branded "Epsilon Hype!".

Epsilon have partnered with Hype Energy to bring a brand new academy team to the organisation branded "Epsilon Hype!". This is the Epsilon's first endeavour in an academy team, following the footsteps of fellow Swedish organisations Fnatic and GODSENT. 

Felix "FELLPA" Hedlund, Coach of the newly organised roster had the following to say:

We got really excited when Chrille approached us about Epsilon, since we know that they have a great reputation and are a well known organisation. It will be a great place for us to take it to the next level especially with the support of Hype Energy. Their drinks will keep us focused during practice!
We all are happy to be a part of Epsilon and would like to thank Hype, Epsilon and Chrille for giving us this opportunity.

Manu Álvarez, Social Media Manager at Hype Energy Drinks said:

This is a new step for Hype and Epsilon in their eSports adventure. Sponsoring young gaming talent can have an equal, or greater impact than sponsoring bigger teams, because you can see the potential of the players, their development and how they improve every single day, essentially following them from the start until they reach set goals. We can clearly see big benefits for all parties involved.

Epsilon Hype! consists of the following six:
Sweden Hampus "hampus" Poser (Captain)
Sweden Alfred "RuStY" Karlsson
Sweden Kalle "perzon" Persson
Sweden Linus "limp" Brannlund
Sweden Patrik "powerputte" Perjons

Sweden Felix "FELLPA" Hedlund (Coach)

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