VG. Cyberzen take first at eXTREMESLAND Chinese regional finals

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VG.Cyberzen take first place at the eXTREMESLAND Chinese finals, securing $3,743 and a slot at the LAN finals of the event.?

VG.Cyberzen have successfully overpowered Born of Fire in the Chinese regional finals of eXTREMESLAND, securing their slot at the LAN finals of the event, as well as copping a sweet $3,743 while doing it. The victors managed to secure two maps of three in the best-of-three regional finals, where they took de_Mirage 16:6, de_Cobblestone 16:19 and closed it out on de_Cobblestone at 16:4.

The regional offered a total of four slots to the LAN finals of the event, which were filled by China VG.Cyberzen, China New4, China EHOME and China AllGamers. Despite securing a second place finish Born of Fire will not be able to participate at the LAN finals of the event, as it coincides with the CSL Finals, giving up their slot to China AllGamers. These teams will be joining their opponents in Shanghai, China on September 22nd through 25th to determine the strongest of all regions.

Following is the finalised composition of teams for the LAN finals of the eXTREMESLAND taking place in Shanghai at the end of the month:

China VG.Cyberzen Vietnam Rebellion Thailand MiTH Taiwan GOGOMYTEAM
China New4 Japan Rascal Jester United Arab Emirates Risky Gaming Korea, Republic of MVP Project
China EHOME Australia Renegades India Invictus Malaysia MVP.karnal
China AllGamers Mongolia The MongolZ Indonesia Team nxl Singapore dreamScape

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Will VG.Cyberzen be able to contend for a top placement at the LAN finals of the event?

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