Power-LAN to begin today

CS:GO Seth “sshogun” Sawant

CS:GO Danmark's Power-LAN tournament is set to begin tomorrow; find out the groups, schedule, and more for the event.​

Counter-Strike will once again be part of Denmark's annual Power-LAN this year; CS:GO Danmark will be significantly upping the stakes for the regional tournament this time, with a prize pot of $26,000 up for grabs at the two day-long event.

A total of eight Danish teams will be in attendance, four of which have received direct invites from the organizers. To fill the remaining four spots, CS:GO Danmark brought in the top two teams from the most recent season of their in-house DK League, in addition to a closed online qualifier that will filled the final two slots. The tournament will begin with the GSL style group stage, which divides the field into two groups of four. Check them out below:

Group A   Group B  
Denmark Astralis Denmark Rogue Denmark Dignitas Denmark Team X
Denmark Tricked Denmark Alpha Denmark Singularity Denmark Isak

Only the top two teams from each group will be able to advance to the playoffs, which will consist of a simple direct elimination bracket, with each match consisting of a best-of-three series. The group stage will take place exclusively later today beginning at 5:00 PM GMT, while the playoffs are scheduled for tomorrow.

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