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CS:GO Gabriel “H3nley” Ionica

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The NA organisation has signed a whole new Oceanic roster after losing three of their players​.

The North American CS:GO team Winterfox have announced on their Facebook page their new Oceanic roster. The majority of the team is composed of Australian players with the rest being New Zealanders. Earlier this week, ESL updated their fantasy game before the Pro League matches began which accidentally leaked some changes that had not yet been revealed such as the additions made by CLG. The new Winterfox roster consists of former members of Immunity, Legacy and Chiefs who will move to the USA to compete much like the Renegades roster. Chris "emagine" Rowlands had the following to say about the pick up:

We're excited and grateful for this opportunity, to those that have supported us we appreciate it. We look to expand Australia's reach on the world stage and further represent our nation to the best of our ability.

Despite losing David "Xp3" Garrido, Todd "anger" Williams and Kyle "flowsicK" Mendez which went to form a new team, ESL have announced that Winterfox will keep their NA Pro League spot. 

Ulrich Schulze, ESL's Vice President of Gaming, stated on Tuesday that a league spot belongs to an organisation and not to a team. Despite this, not everyone is happy with the decision. This is due to different results for other teams and organisations in a similar situation, such as Luminosity and SK Gaming.

Winterfox's roster is now as follows:

New Zealand Michael "ap0c" Aliferis 
New Zealand Chris "ofnu" Hanley 
Australia Christopher "dexter" Nong 
Australia Ryan "zewsy" Palmer 
Australia Chris "Emagine" Rowlands

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Will Winterfox see good results with their new roster?

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