Cloud9 defeat TSM to win iBP Summer Invitational

CS:GO Ali “Maxxie” Or

Cloud9 won iBUYPOWER Summer Invitational by defeating TSM on the grand final.

The summer edition of iBUYPOWER’s seasonal online tournaments series featured eight North American teams competing for a prize pool of $16,000. Cloud9 who had also won the spring edition of iBP invitationals, were the heavy favorites to win the tournament and as expected, they’ve defeated all of their opponents to lift two iBUYPOWER invitationals in a row.

Despite being the stronger team on all occasions, Cloud9’s run to the grand finals was a tough one. On their first match which was against Prospects, Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert and co gave away 10 rounds on Mirage and the second map Cobblestone saw an overtime. The overtime on Cobblestone wasn’t their sole match that went to the OT. Cloud9’s semi final opponent Selfless fought fiercely against one of the best teams of NA and managed to take both maps to the overtime but in the end, experience prevailed and Cloud9 moved on to the grand finals.

On the other hand, Team SoloMid's matches were comfortable for them through all previous stages. The Canadian team never lost more than 9 rounds on their map picks and managed to snatch victories on all four maps they’ve played before the grand finals.

But the grand final match was a different story for both teams. Despite looking good on their map pick, Dust 2, TSM lost it 14-16 and after that defeat, they’ve seemed to be fallen apart. Train was completely one sided as Cloud9 won 16 rounds against TSM’s 5.

As a result of their placement, Cloud9 and TSM are awarded $10,000 and $4,000 respectively. The remaining $2,000 will be awarded to Echo Fox and Selfless who were eliminated just one step before the grand final.

Frontpage photo courtesy of Alex Maxwell - DreamHack;
Headline photo courtesy of iBUYPOWER.


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