Valve begins an end to gambling?

CS:GO Elliott “EngageIcarus” Wines

With an official statement given by Valve claiming that bots that control Steam offers are no longer allowed, many gambing websites within the CS:GO community have been quick to wrap things up and leave.

The official statement from Valve came just yesterday and was clear in its guidelines with regards to trade bots, stating that "Using the OpenID API and making the same web calls as Steam users to run a gambling business is not allowed by our API nor our user agreements." As a result of which many of the gambling websites that have long since relied on these bots have had no choice but to close down. 

One of the first websites to see closed due to the new regolations, http://www.csgodouble.com/ released a message to all its customers that it would be soon to shutdown and encouraging memebers of the website to reclaim their skins now whilst they still had the chance. 

Although no other websites have yet to make any announcements and many other skin gambling organisations are still up and running, it is clear that Valve's statement was final and it is expected for many other websites to be forced into closure within the following weeks. 

Will any gambling websites remain?

Although at the current moment it is impossible to tell, the Valve statement only suggests that they are targetting websites which use bots for their trade offers meaning that if websites are able to come up with a way of working round trade botting they should be fine to continue, although this is just speculation. This also means that in the current predicament websites such as https://opskins.com/ should be fine to continue as they do not associate themselves with gambling or trade botting. 

Many memebers of the community such as caster James Bardolph and daily CS:GO streamer "NHA_Fever" have been quick to reach twitter with their opinions on the situation.

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