First open qualifier of SKYLLA's June edition is over

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The first open qualifier of SKYLLA’s June edition is over with Potadies and LGB eSports securing spots at the playoff.?

SKYLLA is a newly founded tournament series which will offer $17,500 through seven monthly tournaments. The series has started June 4th with the first open qualifier. The playoffs stage of the tournament will host sixteen teams, eight male and eight female. Each month, SKYLLA will invite twelve teams including all of the participating male teams. The remaining four spots will be determined via two open qualifiers.

This month’s first open qualifier saw Potadies and LGB eSports beat Crowns.gg and Team Genesis respectively on the final stage to earn their spots at the playoffs. With addition of Potadies and LGB eSports, current teams of the playoff stage are as follows:

Europe Team Heaven Switzerland Team Maaischguet
France Millenium United Kingdom Vatic
United States Team Karma Sweden Team Slisk
Europe Team Secret Denmark AK47
Denmark Alpha Gaming Europe Potadies
France Dead Pixels Norway LGB eSports
Spain gBots TBD
Russia Team Enso TBD

Remaining two spots will be given out via second online qualifier. If you have a female team, you can register through this link.


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