MLG: Columbus - SPLYCE to replace The MongolZ

Posted by Emil "FireyFly" Bredenberg at 24 February 2016 11:45

SPLYCE will replace MongolZ due to visa troubles for multiple teams.

The official replacement for Mongolz in the MLG Columbus 2016 closed qualifiers, due to MongolZ not being granted visas to travel to the event, has been announced, and it's SPLYCE. The first replacement was meant to be Chinese team CyberZen that finished 3rd/4th at IEM: Taipei, where MongolZ spot in the qualifiers was originally obtained, but they did not have enough time to obtain their visas. The next option for MLG was Australian team Chiefs who shared the 3rd/4th place at IEM: Taipei alongside CyberZen, but inability to field a roster for the event in tmeant they could not fill the spot. MLG decided to eventually give the spot to 2nd place finisher in the North-American Minor, SPLYCE.

SPLYCE will take the spot in group C alongside SK Gaming, Vexed Gaming and Counter Logic Gaming.

SPLYCE current roster:
Canada Jason 'jasonrr' Ruchelski
United States Arya 'arya-' Hekmat
United States Abraham 'abE-' Falsi
United States Andrew 'Professor_Chaos' Heintz
Canada David 'Davey' Stafford

Images from MLG


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