Fnatic are your FACEIT S3 Champions!

CS:GO Seth “sshogun” Sawant

Fnatic have finished the FACEIT Season 3 LAN finals in first place after defeating Luminosity Gaming 2-1 in the Grand Finals match.

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Luminosity Gaming continued their impressive run run through this tournament onto the first map of this grandfinals series, de_train; starting on the T side, LG got the early advantage on Fnatic by picking up the pistol and the first handful of rifle rounds, but the Swedes soon recovered and managed to finsh up the half at 7:8. The second pistol went the way of Luminosity as well, and although fnatic squeezed in a third round forcebuy win, the Brazilians cut their run short in the next, which propelled them to 13:8. The Swedes looked like they might have chance back into the map with a two-versus-two afterplant situation, but a techinical glitch caused fnatic to miss out on the round; Luminosity soon after closed out the map 16:9.

LG started on the CT side of de_cobblestone, and for the third time in the series, LG grabbed a pistol; this time fnatic wasn't ready to let their opponents get away so easily, as they quickly bought back into the next round, swinging the map quickly back into their favor. The Brazilians held their composure, and after taking the eco rounds with a grimace managed to take a few rounds before fnatic was right back in the driving seat, dominating the rest of the half for a 9:6 scoreline. Riding on their momentum, the Swedes took their CT pistol round, and managed to shut out the Luminosity for four rounds straight until Luminosity managed to pull themselves back into the map, climbing to 9:13. Fnatic managed to win one, and while LG was right back in it in the next, going to 11:14, the three-time major winners managed to win out 16:11.

The final map of the series and the tournament was the one of the classics, de_inferno. Luminosity got off to a good start by taking the CT pistol, but their good fortune ran dry after the next two, with fnatic going a nine round frenzy before LG put a stop to it and bring the half time score to 6:9. Fnatic managed to easily win the second pistol round, and it looked as though the Swedes were going to able to cruise to an easy win as they went on a five round streak that brought them 14:6; Luminosity grabbed one round finally, but were shut down in the next. With almost no weapons, LG were unable to hang on any longer and finally fell to fnatic 16:7




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