CS:GO Update: Sounds updated

Posted by Vladimir "Angel" Kojadinovic at 11 November 2015 11:53

Valve has released a new update where they have made a big overhaul of CS:GO's sounds.

Valve has released a CS:GO update which contains a whole overhaul to in-game sounds. The sounds now vary which depending on the surface a player is running on. For example, jumping and moving on the snow or water will create different sounds to let's say concrete. You can see the full changelog below:


Check out the extensive list of changes below:


  • Increased fidelity and weight of jump land sound.
  • Landing sounds now play an additional sound depending on the surface.
  • 3rd person footsteps are now slightly louder in relation to weapon sounds for increased positional clarity. (Further volume compression may be possible by enabling “sound normalization,” “volume equalization,” or a similar setting in your audio playback device properties)
  • New surface footstep sounds to reduce repetition and phasing as well as increasing listenability and positional clarity.
    • Concrete
    • Wood
    • Rubber
    • Snow
    • Glass
    • Grass
    • Mud
    • Dirt
    • Solid Metal
    • Metal Grate
    • Metal Chainlink
  • Fixed a bug where give_ammo sound was playing for every shotgun shell insertion animation.
  • Minor volume mix adjustments
    • (Note: For players using virtual surround sound, please be sure to set the audio settings in CSGO to 5.1 speakers.)



  • Awp now always un-zooms during reload animation
  • Misc player animation CPU performance optimizations
  • Overview icons can now be scaled with the convar mapoverview_icon_scale



  • Game now requires Steam Client to be updated as of Oct 14 2015 or later.
  • Added native support for the Steam Controller.