DH Cluj-Napoca: NIP over TSM to semifinals

CS:GO Ayuka “a_shuchu” Boldyrev

Ninjas in Pyjamas overcome TSM 2-0 and proceed to semifinals where they will face winner of NaVi-Lumi pair. 


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Map 1 was set to be de_train, chosen by TSM, with NiP starting on CT side. First round goes in favor of CT after unsuccessful attempt of TSM to overtake the A bombsite. Force-buy with deagles and scout also failes to achieve win round although scoring some kills. After standard 3-0 start, NiP also managed to secure first buy round after TSM rushed B site and got the bomb down. The Ninjas started to establish good lead before TSM managed to find holes in the swedish defense. Moreover, the heavy casualties of NiP in won rounds caused their economy to crumble after TSM started winning rounds, so the effect of certain rounds have serious repercussions, forcing NiP to go full eco. However, lack of tactical diversity allowed NiP to stand back strong and close first half 10-5 in their favor. Most notably, the last round saw karrigan pulling off 1v3 clutch, which also happened to be an ace round for him.

In second half, NiP opted for quick B push but Xyp9x with CZ-75 triple kill made a strong point to end the round in favor of TSM. Danes managed not to fall against eco-rounds until they opted for double-awp and failed against full buy round from NiP. In the next round, f0rest nailed a quad-kill, including 1v2 clutch, while defending the bomb. Through intense action-packed rounds with 1v1 and 2v2 trades, NiP securerd 15th round first. On the matchpoint, TSM were forced to eco and failed to turn things around. 16-10, NiP takes the map picked by their opponents.   

De_dust2 was the second map, TSM starting as CT. First pistol round went in favor of TSM, who successfuly stop NiP pushing through A-long. NiP decided to force with deagles and scout but device's P90 found 3 kills before NiP managed to achieve anything besides planting the bomb. The next 5 p250 round by NiP found 4 kills after almost successful split A push and resulst in tense Allu vs device stand-off resulting in Allu pulling off the round. Following rrounds looked quite dominant for NiP side as it was mostly swedes chasing their opponents around and preventing them from saving their weapons. Before TSM managed to establish resistance and took their 3rd round, the score already was 9-3. After further won rounds by NiP came the BM: auto-snipers which were ditched at the spawn. 11-4, in favor of NiP.

TSM went for a delayed mid-to-B push but bumbed into 3 players on the site. After a bit awkward shootout, NiP came out on top. TSM hopes were cruched by anti-eco ace from Get_RiGhT, thus securing 10 round difference. The silver lining is that TSM managed to win their first buy round as T side. The next round also went in favor of TSM after tense shootout on A bombsite. NiP forced to eco, give up the round by fast pushing the middle. At 8-14, Get_Right managed to pull off triple kill on bombsite, giving his team chance for 2v2 retake in which allu and friberg succeed. The next round is concluded in a hasty fashion, with the second map and the bo3 series going in favor of Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Ayuka “a_shuchu” Boldyrev
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