LunatiK releases players and steps back from CS:GO scene

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Headline and Image Source: LunatiK

Peter ‘'stanislaw'’ Stanislaw, former member of Tempo Storm has been released by team LunatiK.

After signing up Canada Peter "stanislaw" Stanislaw only three day ago, the team is leaving the organization without explicit reason stated. Notably there was a comment stating that the organization is going to step back from professional gaming and in order to focus on other games and businesses,it is not going to hire a new team.

LunatiK's CEO Collin "MiracleWhip" McKenzie's made the following statement of the move:

It is unfortunate that we couldn't provide them with what they deserve. It been a tough process on both sides of this and I can't thank them enough for giving me the time to try. I hold nothing against these guys and will truly miss them being with LunatiK. I wish them nothing but the best of luck and we will continue to route for them in the future!

Ex-Lunatik team roster:
United States David "inVert" Monroe
United States Ahsan "draek" Ismailzadah
United States Chris "draWsouL" Drossel
Canada Mitch "DUM0RE" Green
Canada Peter "stanislaw" Stanislaw
United States Terrence ‘’Tvu’’ Vu (Substitute)

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