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DreamHack has revealed more details on the next stop of the Open circuit which will be in London.

The next stop for DreamHack Open circuit is in London on September 19-20. As usual for DreamHack events, we will see eight teams fighting for the cut of $40,000 prize pool. The only change is that this event will feature a five invited teams, compared to four in the previous editions of DreamHack Open.

The remaining three slots will be filled by the teams coming from the online qualifiers. Two of those will be open for all European teams, while the last one will be exclusively made for United Kingdom based teams.

Invited teams:
Denmark Team Solomid
Denmark Team Dignitas
France Team EnVyUs
Australia Renegades
Germany Mousesports

The format is set to feature two groups which will be played in a GSL/double-elimination format, with two teams advancing to the playoffs. The group stage will use best-of-one format, while the playoffs will be expanded to best-of-three series.

All interested teams who wish to sing-up for the upcoming DreamHack Open London qualifiers can find more information in the links below:

European Open Qualifier #1: Link
European Open Qualifier #2: Link
United Kingdom Qualifier: Link

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