TSM win GameShow Season 2

CS:GO “DELETED-USER-1577642176”

Team SoloMid swiftly defeat fnatic 3-0 in a BO5 series to win GameShow Season 2.

GameShow Season 2 has finally concluded, and through the rubble of nearly 8 months of hectic delays, Team SoloMid emerge victorious over fnatic. With $16,000 on the line for first place, and only $8,000 for the runner-ups, this grand final had a lot of money on the line.

Team SoloMid started the match with a 1-0 lead after coming from the upper bracket. The first map of the best-of-five series was de_inferno, historically a strong map for the Swedes. However, the Danes came out strong on the CT-side, finishing the first half 16-4. Taking a moment to gather themselves, they moved onto the second half and finished out the map with an indominatable 16-4 score. 

The second map was de_dust2, where fnatic started strong, leading 10-5 at halftime. However, Team SoloMid gathered themselves and retaliated, taking down fnatic in a clean 16-10 scoreline, not allowing fnatic to take a single round in the second half. With this, the score was 3-0, and Team SoloMid took the champion title.

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