IEM Gamescom: Day 2 recap

CS:GO Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

Day 2 of IEM Gamescom winds down, team EnVyUs steamrolling without a single loss.

Team SoloMid has shown very good results today winning two matches, one against CLG on de_train with a 16:12 score, and the other on de_dust2 against mouZ with a thrashing 16:8. This puts the Danes in a very strong position with three lives still remaining for upcoming matches, if they will need them.

SK Gaming and Renegades were butting heads today throughout a series of three matches. The first was on de_cache, where the Australian team overpowered the Danes with a 16:10 score. Next up was de_mirage, where the Danes put up more of a fight, and despite being so very close to a comeback, the Aussies managed to wrap the match up with a close 16:14. Finally team SK Gaming regained their composure in an incredibly tight match on de_cobblestone, where they forced the match into overtime and snatched it with a convincing 19:16.

Team EnVyUs has shown yet another amazing performance in this tournament, staying strong with zero losses. Today they played a match against CLG on de_inferno, taking it away with a 16:13 score. The French have been steamrolling this tournament and it will be incredibly interesting to see how they do in later matches.

Current lives remaining for each team:
Denmark TSM: 3 lives, 4 matches played
Australia Renegades: 1 life, 5 matches played
France EnVyUs: 4 lives, 3 matches played
United States CLG: 1 life, 3 matches played
Germany mouZ: 2 lives, 3 matches played
Denmark SK Gaming: 2 lives, 4 matches played

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