ESL One Cologne 2015 format

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Upcoming ESL One Cologne 2015 format explanation and schedule

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Finally we are approaching the largest CS:GO tournament of the year, ESL ONE Cologne, which will be commencing as of the 20th of August. With a combined prize pool of $250,000 this is by far the most anticipated tournament by both cyber athletes that represent their teams and the viewers that get to spectate the insane plays made by the pros during these heated matches.



Sixteen teams will be separated into four groups of four, in each of those four groups there will be two teams that were described by ESL as ‘legendary’ and the other two as ‘challengers’. Top two of each group will proceed onto the qualifiers for playoff.

On the first day of the tournament all of the teams will play out the qualifiers (which will adhere to BO1 match rules), including the group winners, with the elimination and deciding matches still to be played. This allows four teams to qualify for the quarter-finals, as well as giving the remaining teams a chance to reach the quarter finals.

At the end of the first day the groups will be redrawn and seeded in such a way that teams will not be facing opponents that have been previously drawn, this will be the case up until the grand finals. After this rearrangement the teams will challenge their new opponents in attempt to reach a spot in the quarter finals. Beginning as of the quarter finals, the format will change to a BO3 single elimination.


Thursday 20/08/15 – Group stage part 1
- Each group will play initial matches and winner matches
- At the end groups will be redrawn and quarter finals seeded

Friday 21/08/15 – Group stage part 2
-Each group will play out elimination matches and decider matches

Saturday 22/08/15 – Quarter finals

Sunday 23/08/15 – Semi-finals and Grand-finals

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