ESL One Cologne EU qualifier ends

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The European qualifier for the spots at ESL One Cologne 2015 is over, with eBettle and Titan taking the final two slots.

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Sixteen teams gathered this weekend to battle for the four remaining European slots at the upcoming ESL One Cologne major next month, and a chance to win a piece of the hefty $250,000 prize pool. The matches were played out in two group brackets in a GSL format, where two winners were decided from each group; one from the winner sub-bracket and loser sub-bracket. Yesterday saw Team Kinguin and FlipSid3 narrowly securing places at the major in group A.

Group B's results were extremely surprising, as we saw the newly-formed Polish team eBettle having a flawless run through their group to takedown Titan, who themselves have undergone large roster changes, to secure a spot in the major in a double overtime match on de_train. Titan recovered at the last possible moment in the lower bracket however, crushing LGB eSports 16:2 to take their own slot.

Group B

Upper Bracket

Lower Bracket


Best of 1



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