Na'Vi are your ESL Pro League champions!

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Na'Vi have won the inaugural season of ESL Pro League following a 2-1 victory over Titan.


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The BO3 grand finals started with Titan battling Na'Vi on de_mirage, with the French side starting on the more favoured CT side. The pistol round saw Edward getting an insane ace, and even managing to clutch a 1v1 post bomb plant situation afterwards. However, Titan decided to force buy on the next round, with great success after they completely destroyed Na'Vi without losing a single player. This victory marked the beginning of a 6 round streak by Titan, before Na'Vi finally managed to make a slight comeback near the end, eventually getting only four more rounds, ending the first half 10-5.

The second pistol round seemed to have some sort of flipped deja vu magic around it, as Titan took the pistol round only to lose to a force buy by the Na'Vi side. This time, Na'Vi mounted round after round just like the first half, eventually coming within striking distance at 11-10. However, thanks to a great play by KennyS on this round, Na'Vi failed to close it out as they backed down to save a M4A1. At 12-10, Zeus decided to completely crumble Titan's economy by buying an auto-sniper and get yet another win. Next round Titan decided to force buy, this time with no success at all as Na'Vi completely stopped the A push of Tec-9s and Galil's with their more powerful M4s and auto snipers. After another failed eco round by Titan, Na'Vi were finally in the lead by one point. Na'Vi then proceeded to make it match point after winning the next round in a close 1v1 situation, as Titan decided to eco and play for overtime. Like much of Titan's other risks, this was unsuccessful as well as Na'Vi took the first map 16-12.

Na'Vi took the first map 16-12

Map 2 was de_cache, where Titan took a quick lead by gaining 3 rounds on their CT side. However, Na'Vi responded by getting 3 of their own, and a couple more generic back and fourth round exchanges brought it back to 5-5. It was at this point that a completely new Titan decided to show up, as some insane aggressive plays by KennyS and Maniac put them in the lead 8-5. Unfortunately for Titan, Na'Vi were able to adapt to the new playstyle of the Frenchmen, and eventually brought it back to end the first half 8-7. The second half was simply a complete destruction by Titan, as they won all 8 rounds of their T side to win 16-7.

The third and final map was de_cobblestone, where Na'Vi secured the pistol round, only to lose the next by a force buy on Titan. This simply snowballed into a momentum builder, as Titan quickly brought it to 5-1 in favour of themselves. Na'Vi later decided to call for a pause, which seemed to work very well, as the Ukrainian team eventually brought it close to an 7-8 scoreline. The second pistol round went in favour of Na'Vi again, as they pushed the B bomsite with little resistance by Titan. However, yet another force buy on Titan shut Na'Vi down again, as they brought it back to 9-8. Na'Vi then decided to make a force buy of their own, also with success as they equalized the score 9-9.  A series of round exchanges eventually brought the score back to 13-12 in favour of Na'Vi, with Titan on a full eco. Titan were able to clutch this round mostly thanks to a great 3k AWP clutch by RpK, and bring it back to 13-13. Unfortunately for Titan, it wasn't hard for Na'Vi to bring it to match point after they won the following round and the next eco. It was at the 15-13 scoreline that Titan decided to use their tactical pause, without any effectiveness as Na'Vi closed the map and match out 16-13.

ESL Pro League Season 1 prize pool distribution:

1st. Ukraine Na'Vi - $15,000
2nd. France Titan - $7,000
3rd-4th. Denmark Team SoloMid - $3,000
3rd-4th. France Team EnVyUs - $3,000
5th-8th. Denmark Copenhagen Wolves - $1,000
5th-8th. Denmark Team Dignitas - $1,000
5th-8th. Poland - $1,000
5th-8th. Denmark 3DMAX - $1,000

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