CEVO announces season 7 with $135,000

CS:GO Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

CEVO have just released details about their Season 7 which will feature at least a $135,000 prize pool and LAN finals in Columbus, Ohio.

CEVO has just announced the seventh season of their CS:GO league which will feature a boosted prize pool of $135,000 further increased by crowdfunding. CEVO, partnering with Major League Gaming, will be hosting the LAN Finals of Season 7 at MLG Arena in Columbus, Ohio from July 24-26th.

The regular season of the Professional Division will start on April 19th and the teams will fight their way through for the lion's share of $75,000. CEVO has assured that the qualified teams from both the European and North American divisions will have travel support covered with $45,000 going to that purpose. The online season will continue with the playoffs on June 25th.

The map pool will be similiar to the Valve's official pool and the new addition to this season will be a best-of-three format during the online round robin.

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