ESEA announces EU seeding for Season 18 LAN

CS:GO Gosu “GosuGamers” Gamers

ESEA have announced the European seeding for their upcoming ESEA Season 18 LAN event.

Earlier this week we reported that the seeding for the North American division of the league had been completed, with Cloud9, Luminosity Gaming, Denial eSports, and Counter Logic Gaming making it to the LAN finals.

Now, the European teams that will be attending the event have been determined with the following seeding:

  1. Sweden fnatic
  2. Poland
  3. France Titan
  4. Germany mousesports

North American seeding:

  1.  United States Cloud9
  2.  United States Luminosity Gaming
  3.  United States Denial eSports
  4.  United States Counter Logic Gaming

These eight teams will battle it out on April 17-19 at the Doubletree Hotel in Dallas, Texas for their piece of the $100,000 total prize pool. More information regarding the LAN finals can be found at our coverage hub here.

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