DreamHack release event dates up until 2018

CS:GO Kelvin “Lynx” Kaye

DreamHack announce the event dates for Dreamhack Summer and Winter majors up until the very end of 2018.

DreamHack are known in the Counter-Strike community for arranging tournaments for the game since 2001, with both DreamHack Summer and Winter events, at Elmia in Jönköping, Sweden.

The most recent event being DreamHack Winter 2014 which saw a thrilling final between France's Team LDLC and Sweden's very own Ninjas in Pyjamas, with the Frenchmen resulting as the victors, earning them the prize money of $100,000. 

With CS:GO being forecasted to grow above and beyond community expectations, it is expected that the events will come with increasing prize pools even though DreamHack is yet to issue such details.

The recent years evolution of the festival has been totally amazing with consecutively broken visitor records and refinement of the activities in all areas. - dreamhack.se

Today, DreamHack shared the scheduled dates for each DreamHack major for the next three years.

Sweden DreamHack Summer 2015: 13-16 June
Sweden DreamHack Winter 2015: 26-29 November
Sweden DreamHack Summer 2016: 18-21 June
Sweden DreamHack Winter 2016: 24-27 November
Sweden DreamHack Summer 2017: 17-20 June
Sweden DreamHack Winter 2017: 30 Nov - 3 December
Sweden DreamHack Summer 2018: 16-19 June
Sweden DreamHack Winter 2018: 29 Nov - 2 December


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