Fnatic takes the First Person Lover Challange title

CS:GO Vladimir “Angel” Kojadinovic

After the two days of intense fighting, Fnatic have managed to net the First Person Lover Challange title by defeating the Team EnVyUs in the finals.

The tournament spanned over the last two days where we could see four teams fighting for their cut of $6,000 prize pool. Originally, it was planned to have EnVyUs and HellRaisers as the first semi final pair and Fnatic and Ninjas in Pyjamas as the second one. Unfortunately, due to some scheduling issues, NiP was unable to attend this event and they were replaced with the another team who has been on fire recently, LGB eSports.

The teams were distributed in the double elimination bracket, where the initial matches of the upper bracket were played in a best-of-one format, while all the other matches of tournament were played in best-of-three series.

EnVyUs and Fnatic moved onto the upper bracket finals after their wins over HellRaisers and LGB eSports, and we could see the mad rivals fighting each other once again. This time they managed to put a good show once again, bringing us CS:GO at its the finest. The match included both comebacks and heart-breaking moments where in the end Fnatic came up on the top and advanced to the finals.

HellRaisers were the first team to be eliminated after they lost to LGB eSports in the lower bracket match as the Norwegian team moved on to the lower bracket finals where they had to meet EnVyUs. The French team prevented any upsets and easily moved onto the finals to schedule a rematch of the upper bracket finals against Fnatic.

The finals brought us a good old Fnatic's performance on de_inferno. Recently, their recognized playstyle on this map were missing as they were losing suprisingly on their statistically the best map. The second map was de_cache and it was much more interesting, reminding us of yesterday's clash where they also played on cache. In the end Fnatic took the 2-0 victory and the $4,900 prize for the first place.

Upper Bracket

Lower Bracket

Round 1 - Best of 3

Round 2 - Best of 3


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