Gamers2 picks up ex-ESC squad

CS:GO Ian “SW4Y1N” Nowakowski

Gamers2 have picked up the former ESC Gaming squad, as they have been reinstated for competitive play.

Gamers2 has formally announced their acquisition of the team formally playing for ESC. The players had been thought to have received lifetime bans from Valve for supposed match-fixing. The players appealed their convictions and the bans on their accounts were lifted due to a lack of evidence supporting the accusations. 

Pawel "innocent" Mocek is excited about the opportunity to play Counter Strike full-time stating:

We are proud to announce that, from this day, we will represent Gamers2. We are really excited, because we always dreamed about the possibility of playing CS full-time and treating our passion as a job, too. Our motivation is sky high and we are ready to become an excellent team.

Carlos "ocelote" Rodriguez was excited about acquiring the team and enabling them to fully devote themselves to the game. Although he was also quick to emphasize that the ex-ESC squad had never cheated previously stating:

When the match-fixing drama with the team came to light, we knew that these players were not guilty, so we decided to take action. Not thinking about what could happen afterwards and having only these guys’ careers as our focus, we spent day and night in talks with every company involved in this decision to prove that none of these players were EVER involved in any wrongdoing regarding bets throughout their careers.

You can catch them at the ESL One Katowice offline qualifier where they are playing for a potential spot in the major.



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