PGL to host a 110,000 USD CS:GO tournament

CS:GO Vladimir “Angel” Kojadinovic

PGL, a eSports brand, has announced the Kick-off season for the CS:GO Championship Series (CCS), with a total prize pool of $110,000.

The event will feature the top eight teams from across the globe fighting for the spot at the LAN finals. The latter will be played during DreamHack Bucharest 2015 between April 24-26.

The format of the event is split into three parts. In the first stage the eight teams are divided into the two groups of four. The first placed teams from both groups will advance to the LAN finals, while the rest of the teams will have one more chance at the 'Last Chance' stage, which will award two more spots for the offline event.

The format of the LAN finals is yet to be announced. However, it's known that each team will receive $2,500 for travel costs. Moreover, there is also a small prize pool for Last Chance stage only, where the first and second place teams will receive $3,000 each, while the 3rd and 4th placed teams will grab $1,000. The first group stage also has $17,000 reserved in total for the top three finishers in each group, split 5,000 / 2,500 / 1,000.

The prize pool distribution for LAN finals is as follows:
1. $40,000
2. $20,000
3. $10,000
4. $5,000

Stay tuned to GosuGamers as we will keep you informed with the all information about this and other CS:GO events.

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