Group B of 99Damage Masters has came to a close

CS:GO Aaron “Legend0415” Baughman

Group B of 99Damage Masters see Property and Penta going to the upper bracket, while LGB will be going to the lower bracket.

The German side of Penta and Simon "twist" Eliasson's Team Property will both be going to the winner's bracket due to their results in the group. The Norwegian side of LGB eSports who are currently at IOS Pantamera will be going to the lower bracket. ex-ESC would be joining LGB in the lower bracket, but the Poles are believed to be involved in a match fixing scandal. Due to this scandal the Polish side will withdraw from the tournament.

Group A of the 99Damage Masters is set to begin on the 9th of February at 18:00 CET. Group A will see mousesports, Orbit, Dignitas, and Team Solomid fight it out. This will serve as TSM's debut match under their new organization, which should serve as a nice gauge of where they are at the moment as a team.

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