Platinum eSports to bring back CS:GO team

CS:GO Seth “sshogun” Sawant

After the team was disbanded due to dissapointing results and internal problems, Platinum eSports has announced that they're reviving the team with a new and improved lineup.

Notorious for their 16:10 victory over NiP at ESWC, Platinum eSports went off the radar after their breakup in November of last year due to internal conflict and issues with one of their players, Matthieu "Mathend" Roquigny, not being able to compete in certain tournaments due to bans.

The team will feature the same players as the previous roster, with the exception of Brandon "Storen" Valembois, who will be replaced with former Vikings player Timothée "DEVIL" Démolon. The team hopes to compete in ESEA's Season 18. Statement from Timothée "DEVIL" Démolon:

I am pleased to announce my arrival in the Platinum team. I know very well the players on the team and I hope to bring, despite my lack of experience, great potential. I thank the people who support me, obviously a big thank you to my new teammates and Platinum-eSport.

Platinum's new roster:
France Matthieu "matHEND" Roquigny
France Simon "Fuks" Florysiak
France Alexandre "bodyy" Pianaro
Belgium Antoine "to1nou" Pirard
France Timothée "DEVIL" Démolon


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