Warden leaves eLevate roster; joins Team Liquid.

CS:GO Aaron “Legend0415” Baughman

Matt "Warden" Dickens, formally of eLevate, has been spotted on Team Liquid's roster.

On January 8th, Matt "Warden" Dickens stepped down from playing on the starting roster for eLevate to take a coaching role on the team. We were yet to see how he was going to help eLevate, but now he has been spotted on Team Liquid's ESEA and CEVO roster. Dickens has been playing Counter-Strike at a high level for a very long time now, and should be very resourceful as a coach. 

Warden's position has not been confirmed by any parties as of yet, but he has the potential to be a very good asset for Eric "adreN" Hoag's Team Liquid. This would be the second time a North American team has had a coach, iBUYPOWER being the first. It will be very interesting to see how the newly acquired Team Liquid fares. 

Update: eLevate's twitter has confirmed that he will be a coach for Team Liquid


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