ESWC 2014: LDLC and Fnatic to battle for the title

CS:GO Kevin “SeveN” Ouyang

Team LDLC has secured a spot at the ESWC 2014 grand finals following a 2-0 victory over Na'Vi.

The ESWC 2014 semi-finals have concluded, with Fnatic and Team LDLC both securing spots at the grand finals. The first map of the first BO3 semi-finals was de_overpass, where, starting on the CT side took an early lead by winning the pistol round as well as the three following anti-eco rounds. However, Fnatic managed to make a swift comeback by winning nine rounds in a row compared to's two, ending the first half 9-6. The second half started with picking up the pistol round, only to lose the following anti-eco rounds. It was full throttle for Fnatic from thereon out, securing an amazing six rounds in a row without letting win a single one, ending the map 16-7.

de_inferno was the second map, where Fnatic started on the CT side and secured the first pistol round as well as one following anti-eco round, before managed to win a force buy making the score 2-1. A series of back and forth round exchanges saw some great plays by olofmeister, where he got an ace on the 13th round. The half ended in a standard 10-5 scoreline in favour of Fnatic. The Swedish squad picked up the second pistol round and two following rounds, only to be stopped by the Polish team at 13-5. then went on a winning streak, winning five rounds in a row making the score 13-10, only to have their dreams crushed of making it into the grand finals as fnatic secured the three final rounds compared to their two, ending the map and match 16-12.

The second match was between Team LDLC and Na'Vi on de_inferno, where the Frenchmen remained in control for the majority of the first half on the CT side, winning out 11-4 with little resistance. The second half saw Team LDLC secure the pistol round win, only to be stopped by an amazing play by starix getting a triple kill with the p250, making the score 12-5. Na'Vi then went ahead and won five rounds in a row, only to be abrubtly stopped by Team LDLC at 13-10, where they eventually secured the first map 16-10.

On de_overpass, Team LDLC took an early lead winning the pistol round and two consecutive anti-eco rounds. Na'Vi's 4th round buy secured them a round, only to have their economy reset after losing the 5th round. A series of back and forth round exhanges occured, which eventually led to the first half ending 9-6 in favour of LDLC. The second half was intense with Na'Vi winning the pistol round thanks to a nice quad-kill from Edward. Another series of round exchanges occured, eventually equalizing the score at 10-10. The end of the map was close, with Na'Vi picking up a round after each round Team LDLC secured. At 14-14, Team LDLC forced a buy and won, forcing Na'Vi to make a force buy of their own, in which the Ukrainian team could not win, ending the map and match 16-14 in favour of LDLC.

Team LDLC will now face Fnatic at the grand finals, where they will fight for a $20,000 grand prize. and Na'Vi will battle for a $10,000 third place prize.  

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Kevin “SeveN” Ouyang
Former Senior Editor, GosuGamers CS:GO.