ALSEN releases CS:GO team after match fixing scandal

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The Polish team was inspected by csgolounge admins who found evidence of players betting against themselves.

EPS Poland Season 9 group stage was only halfway through when certain scenarios were already shaping out. On October 20, in a match between ALSEN and eliminacja, ALSEN was heavily favored by the 81%/19% odds on CSGOLOUNGE, one of the most scene's popular item betting website. Moreover, ALSEN had very optimistic chances of making it to the playoffs while eliminatja had scored only one win out of seven games and were at the bottom of the list.

CSGOLOUNGE admins went suspisious after ALSEN eventually has lost their game 10-16, and decided to check the players for unscrupulous bets. It was revealed that three out of five players were involved in a match-fixing scheme. Two players, Michal 'bCk' Lis and Jakub 'kub' Pamula bet on eliminacja from their main accounts while Damian 'DiAMon' Zarski has made bets against his own team from several alternate accounts which could not remain hidden from CSGOLOUNGE admins.

Shortly afterwards, ALSEN released a statement in which they claimed that the matchfixing initiative came entirely from the players and the organization had nothing to do with it. In addition, they announced that they would be releasing their CS:GO team.

Paweł "Pawcio" Watemborsk, Project Manager of ALSEN had this to say about the situation:

 First of all, we want to apologise to everyone who suffered because of the dishonesty of our players, who we trusted. They have made a shameful mistake and the only correct solution to this case, considering their actions, is to end the contract between ALSEN-Team and Counter Strike : Global Offensive team. Many of our fans could be put off by their actions, and the whole case is not good for the company’s and sponsors’ image. There are only two people managing our organisation at the moment, and the whole organisation consists of 40 people. We often don’t have any clue what is going on, and that’s what happened with this game. I could write a lot more about this case but only few will understand our position and will be able to write constructive criticism regarding overall situation.

ALSEN had the following roster:

Poland Michał "bCk" Lis
Poland  Jakub "kub" Pamuła
Poland  Damian "DiAMon" Żarski
Poland  Mateusz "matty" Kołodziejczyk
Poland  Michał "michi" Majkowski

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