CPH Wolves and HellRaisers qualify for ESWC

CS:GO Vladimir “Angel” Kojadinovic

The list of participating teams for Electronic Sports World Cup 2014 is almost completed. CPH Wolves and HellRaisers are the newest additions to this list, while the last two spots will be filled in from French qualifier.

This weekend was reserved for the Danish and Russian/Ukranian qualifiers. The Danish qualifier which included almost one hundred teams was firstly played in the groups format, where the best teams of this phase moved to double elimination bracket. This bracket was topped by Copenhagen Wolves who managed to defeat ALL IN in the finals with 2-1 score.

The Russian and Ukranian qualifier was hosted by StarLadder and included eight teams, five from Ukraine and three from Russia. Teams were placed into the double elimination bracket with the all matches being played in a best-of-three series. HellRaisers were dominant throughout the upper bracket, not losing a single map. Asus CyberZone, also known as dAT Team, secured the spot in the grand finals by winning the lower bracket. The grand finals brought some really enternaining games where in the end HellRaisers came on the top with the score of 3-2.

Qualified Teams:

Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas Sweden Fnatic
United States Cloud9 United States iBUYPOWER
Denmark Team Dignitas Brazil KaBuM
Germany Planetkey Dynamics Japan Cipangu.GO
Poland Virtus.pro Ukraine Natus Vincere
South Africa Energy eSports China pow
India Virtual Impact Algeria E4US
Portugal k1ck eSports Portugal AlienTech
Finland 3DMAX Germany Mousesports
Bulgaria Gplay Denmark CPH Wolves
Ukraine HellRaisers Norway London Conspiracy
France TBD France TBD


Prize distribution:
1st. $ 20,000
2nd. $ 15,000
3rd. $ 10,000
4th. $ 5,000


Qualified Female Teams:

Sweden Bad Monkey Gaming United States Ubinited
United States Team Karma Norway myXMG
France 3DMAX Russia ACES Ladies
Germany Team Alternate France (Reserved Qualifying Slot) Paris Games Week


Female Prize distribution:
1st. $5,000
2nd. $ 3,000
3rd. $ 2,000


Tuesday, October 28 from 5 pm: Opening for press / pro / vip
Wednesday 29 and Thursday, October 30: Play-offs and Finals ESWC France
Thursday 30 and Friday, Oct. 31: Play-offs ESWC
Saturday 1st and Sunday, November 2: ESWC Finals


Click here for results, VODs and all the other information

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